Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q1We are ready to build our home in Cottage Farm, what
      do we have to do?

  • Q2We are planning to do some exterior painting, add a
      room, change our roof, put up a fence or change our
      landscaping, who do we contact, how  do we contact
      them, what information do you need & how long will
      the process take?

  • Q3We have a tree on our property which we would like to
      have removed, what do we do & who do we contact?

  • Q4We have a question about our Assessment, who do
      we contact?
  • Answer
Contact our Treasurer.

  • Q5We would like to have a family gathering at the
             Community Dock, who do we contact to reserve the

  • Q6How long can we moor our boat at the Community
  • Answer
      Article III, Para 13a of the Covenants restrict mooring
/parking a boat at the Community Dock to 3 con-
secutive days.

  • Q7One of the streetlights is not working in front of my
      house, how do we get it fixed?
  • Answer
Look for a numbered tag on the pole, call SCE&G at
800-251-7234 & report same.

  • Q8 What are the rules for the Community Dock?

  • Q9 While visiting the Community Dock I noticed some
vandalism, what do I do?

  • Q10      We live by the Pond & have noticed that the aeration
      fountains aren't working, who do we contact?
  • Answer
Contact the President or one of the Board Members

  • Q11      My mailbox needs some work, where can I get a
      replacement mailbox & some paint?
  • Answer
Mailbox specifications, paint info and where to
purchase a replacement mail box is available on the
Newsletter page.

  • Q12      I would like to serve on the Board of Directors or
     Architectural Control Committee, who do I contact?
  • Answer
Contact one of the Officers.

  • Q13      How can we get a copy of the Protective Covenants or
  • Answer
Protective Covenants and By-Laws are available for
      downloading on the Admin Page.

  • Q14      I live adjacent to the Pond & have noticed weeds     & such taking over the area & creeping into my lawn.
What are these weeds & how can I control them?

This page was last updated: December 14, 2013